About Us

We're a team of experienced IT professionals mainly of telecom background. Since 1992, we have been providing consultancy to local finance firms, publishing houses and corporations to help them launch information services that are delivered over a new crop of media enabled by new information technologies such as Interactive Voice Response(IVR), Fax-on-Demand, SMS and the World Wide Web, to name a few.

Apart from providing technical solutions which range from the sourcing of the right pieces of hardware and software to the suitable system house and network provider, we often get involved in the very design of the service itself. Later on, because of our wide experience in this very special market, we often find ourselves being consulted on the business aspects of such services. For this reason, we move on to helping companies, both local and overseas, to seek out business opportunities in the region.

Notwithstanding this, we always have a passion to develop and get our hands dirty. We never want to lose touch of field work and forget to embrace use requirements.

IT for the people. That's our motto.


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