We help clients out on all sorts of projects that surround the employment of telecom means for the job. It could be good old telephony with a new costume, or an enhanced service that rides on which. It could be information served locally or for international access, free-to-call or at a premium rate. Or it could be the selling of ringtones, the business of online games, or the conception of a rock hard website that promises a viable business model.

Over the years, we have helped clients, both local and from afar, to pursue new ventures and opportunities in the region and our duties run the full gamut from business model and service design, to the recruitment of suitable business partners and technical vendors, to deal making, suggestion of best practices, and to the actual management of the project till its successful launch.

Think of extending your business to this part of the world and need someone reliable to talk to? Drop us a note and see how we could be of help.


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