We always try to get ourselves busy in developing, from time to time, online applications with the perspective a service provider. We end up running a handful of applications to serve a number of our selected clients:

  • IVR service that features most of what a computer could possibly handle a human caller. From simple announcement, audiotext or auto-attendant functions, all the way to virtual chat, call forwarding, etc.;
  • Data capture application over the phone or the Net;
  • Database-driven applications such as the maintenance of a database of customer datails, etc.;
  • eMarketing services, so to speak, e.g. email campaign, fax broadcast, SMS broadcast with IVR response capture etc. We don’t do spam. We don’t believe it and always advise against it. Instead, we offer various ways to facilitate two-way communication between clients and their customers that are, most of all, equipped with all sort of logs, so that clients could easily evaluate results;
  • Website creation and maintenance. To this department, we are serious enough to have developed our own make of a Content Management System which allows websites be maintained and operated by someone without any prior training on web technology.
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